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Sample result:

IPHONE 7,GSM,32GB,GOLD Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)Product Sold By: HUTCHISON 3G UK LIMITED Coverage Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)Estimated Purchase Date: 11/05/16 Purchased In: United Kingdom Loaner: N * Final Repair coverage is determined at the part level. * This unit is eligible for additional part coverage, check at the part level for coverage. * GSX indicates that this product is out-of-warranty. If you or the customer believes the product is within its warranty period or covered by an AppleCare Extended Service Agreement, upload a proof of purchase. Serial Number: G28V2xxxG7H Initial Activation Policy ID: 55 MEID:Activation Policy Description: EMEA Service. IMEI: 3565590830XXXX Applied Activation Policy ID: 55 Part Description: iPhone 7 Applied Activation Policy Description: EMEA Service. Product Version: 11.3 Next Tether Policy ID: 10 Last Restore Date:Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Unlock. Bluetooth MAC Address:First Unbrick Date: 08/13/17 Last Unbrick Date:Unbricked:Unlocked: false Unlock Date:FMI:ON Case Created: 04/10/18 100504594444 - Apple Product Verification: Activation unlock Denied (Invalid P.O.O.) Replacement Details Serial # IMEI # Type Replacement Date G28V204YHG7H 3565590830XXXXX Active 08/13/17 DNPSKNAFHG7H 353802082XXXXXX Original 08/13/17


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