Vivo Brazil - All iPhone including 6/6+


Wrong Network = NO REFUND 

iPhone from Vivo Brasil instructions:

- Send the IMEI to our server 

- Wait 1 or 2 days we return the answer "activated"

- Then, install last version of iTunes

- Make sure phone is last version updated by official itunes sw

- Connect phone to iTunes with not accepted (not valid) simcard

- Wait until itunes detect phone

- Now diconnect phone and reconnect after 10 seconds.

- Phone Unlocked.

NOTE : This is the only "lifetime" unlock solution for Apple iPhone as the IMEI is registered as "Unlocked" in Apple database. Your phone will always be unlocked even after each new update of your phone firmware !

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Delivery Time: 1 to 2 business days

Bulk Orders Allowed: Yes

Submit To Verify Allowed: Yes

Order Cancel Allowed: Yes (in 60 minutes after making order)

Service Type: Server

Order Type: IMEI

Order Processing: Manual