Micro-Box Activation for Infinity [Best]




Now it is possible to activate Micro-Box features on your Infinity-Box Smart-Cards. This means that you can add Micro-Box software onto your Infinity Smart-Card and save a lot of time and money waiting for the delivery of new additional Dongle.

Please note. This activation is valid for one year only! After the expiration you have to purchase it again, if you want to use Micro-Box software.

Micro-Box: 1 Year Support Activation or Micro-Box: 2 Years Support Activation – are completely different activations, to allow you access to support area. These activations will not prolong the time of Micro-Box software usage.

Micro-Box Activation available for the following Infinity products:

  • Main Infinity-Box
  • Infinity-Box Dongle
  • Infinity-Box (BEST)
  • Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool

Micro-Box Activation Includes *:

  • 1 year full support for all modules
  • Main software with Samsung + Huawei + all others...
  • Alcatel Activation
  • Blackberry Activation
  • Blackberry MEP0 Activation
  • HTC Activation
  • LG / ZTE Activation
  • Sagem / SE Activation